Covid-19 Protective screens

Covid-19 Protective screens help limit the risk of contamination.

These acrylic screens can be used in all types of workspaces.

Covid-19 protective screens create a barrier and keep employees and customers safe when social distancing is difficult to enforce.

There are 2 types of Covid-19 protective screens:

  1. . Desk or office sanitary Covid-19 protective screens:

They can be placed on a counter or on a desk.

You can choose between 2 types of support:

  • acrylic support
  • black acrylic dots.
  1. Hanging Covid-19 protective screens:
A chain and hook system will allow you to hang the acrylic screen.
To ensure security in the face of Covid-19 in your establishment, also see ourRetail Stores Covid-19 Display and our Clinic Covid-19 Display.

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